Escentual Pleasures

Hand-Crafted with


Candle Wax Before Melting

Message from owner

I don’t consider E'Scentual Pleasures just a candle store,

it's more of an intimate candle experience

I call it an "Aromatic Vibe"!

Candles can bring such an unspoken peace to any atmosphere.
They allow you to escape from the twist and turns of life...

A moment of silence 

your briefly granted

a moment just for you

when you pause to ignite your light and activate the aromatic vibes

whether it be for relaxation, meditation or recreation,

it is my desire to help spread some light and good vibes across the land starting with you!

May you get lost in the delightful clean fragrances of

E'Scentual Pleasures

I Thank you so much for your support you are greatly appreciated and loved"

*Each vessel is cleaned and sterilized before 


"Antoinette E. Johnson"



nice smokey picture of the owner Antoinette Johnson
Image by Daniel Andrade