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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

E'Scentual Pleasures where do we begin?

Well let's start off with the name... Many people ask is it a typo?

The answer is No.

The letter "E" stands for the owners' middle name.

Antoinette EBONY Johnson

You can tell who her family and close friends are when you hear that name :) and,

well, the word "Scentual" was created by our founder which (to her) means:

"To heighten ones senses by way of smell'

Our products are created to help spread some light in the mist of darkness. Life has become more hectic and a little tougher to deal with.

We at E'Scentual Pleasures encourage you to pause, light up and find your pleasure.

Our Story

E'Scentual Pleasures has been created to help you escape from the noise of the world. We use our candles as a platform to address mental stress. We believe that often times all we really need to do is Stop. Pause. Take in a deep breath and just Breathe.

Yes... We wncourage you to inhale and exhale. All of our candles and room sprays are mixed into a perfect blend, providing you with a aroma that your will be sure to ejoy!

We choose to create our aromas by using the finest essential oils. The benefits of essential oils can be obtained in many ways. One of the best deliveries is by way of smell via aromatherapy. It has been scientifically proven that essential oils when inhaled, the molecules travel from the olfactory nerve directly to the brain and can directly impact the emotional center of the brain.

All of our products are carefully formulated to bring good aromatic vibes to your mind, body and soul.

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